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🙏🏾 Intentional Fitness

Strength and conditioning training designed to improve your non-training days.

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Warmup Sets vs Working Sets

Warmup Sets vs Working Sets You start your general warmup. Maybe it's some quick cardio followed by some bodyweight exercises designed to get your heart rate up. You then come across part 1 of your workout. It looks like this: 3x10 Back Squats Load: @7RPE Rest: 2 Min In this

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🌱 Addition by Subtraction

24 hours to play with Life is busy AF. If you're like me, you've probably wished for days to have more than 24 hours. But it's real life and time is the most important resource. Adding to new goals With new goals, it's common to think about what you can

🌱 Addition by Subtraction
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🌱 There Are No Bad Workouts

There are no bad workouts, only unreal expectations. When it comes to training, there aren't bad sessions. A workout where you didn't "feel it" is a still a session completed. A session cut short is one you squeezed into a busy schedule. A session you didn't do "well" on probably

Milton doing a cossack squat in an alleyway