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White Lotus

Fitness For Doers

Future-proof strength & conditioning programs

Intentional Training

Programs and exercises designed with purpose.
No chasing soreness for the sake of soreness.

Strength First

Building strength is the foundation.
Progress over time, wherever you are in your journey.

Conditioning With Confidence

Move confidently knowing you’ve built a foundation.
Build endurance & have fun with movement.

Recent Posts

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🌱 Training Towards Your Goals

Train to Get Results The key to getting results is to do workouts that align with your goals. That might sound obvious, but it's easy to get thrown off track by random instagram workouts, or workouts that don't actually lead to your goal. While the process of working out might

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🌱 3 Classic Fitness Myths

Exercise science has grown over the years. As we learn more, we use more effective ways to reach our goals. What used to be common knowledge, might now be learned to be ineffective. Here are 3 classic fitness myths and what you can do to learn from them! Myth #1:

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