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🌱 Why I Train

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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We're at newsletter 50!
If you've been here the whole time, I'm truly grateful. I've been thinking a ton about the fitness journey, who I serve best, and the results I bring to the table.

Because of that, I wanted to share the reason I train, and what inspire growth means to me.

Where I started

I wasn't always active. Growing up, I hated sports because I sucked at them. I didn't grow up strong, and eating "healthy" wasn't really a thing in my family.

I would describe myself as lazy. A person who chose comfort over goals. I just never really thought about the future much until I discovered fitness.

When I started strength training, I didn't have specific goals like losing a ton of weight, or squatting a certain amount. I just wanted to get "fitter?," (emphasis on that question mark.) and working out was something I thought I was supposed to do.

As I got further along, I started learning more about what I enjoyed, and where I wanted to go with my goals. I wanted to deadlift 300lbs, and be able to do 50 burpees without stopping. 😂 The point is, training led me to figure out what I wanted to do. Then I had to do the work to get there.

Why I train

For me, fitness was a way to create myself.

Fitness helped me build habits that aligned with my goals.
I gained a positive mindset based on learning and improving.
I learned how to push through tough challenges.
I learned that it's okay to be uncomfortable.

Fitness taught me a lot about myself, and it made me a better person overall. I'm by no means perfect with it, but it's that journey of growth that I wanted to share and hopefully inspire you with. 🙏🏾

With that I ask, why do you train?
And if you don't train yet, what's holding you back?

Thanks for reading the Weekly #50!

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I'm a fitness coach, but always learning. Cold brew drinker. Curator of corny dad jokes. Constantly looking towards the brighter side of things. ☀️


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