🌱 Motivation Comes Second

Welcome to number 3 of our newsletter.

However last week was for you, I hope you create some WINS for this week! I originally wrote, "I hope you have some wins this week." But that's not what I meant. That would imply that you would go through the week hoping to have some wins. Instead, I want you to create your own wins.

Damn I had to start deep with it haha
Anyway, here's the weekly:

🌱 Growth thoughts:

Motivation is the biproduct of action.
You don't start by "being motivated."
You become motivated by starting.

🧰  Training Concept:

We don't get fitter when we workout.
With every rep, we're actually breaking down our muscle fibers, tendons, and other structures. During 20 reps of pushups or squats, we feel better on the early reps. By rep 16 or so, things get SPICY🔥 Arms and legs need to get rid of that lactic acid buildup and we literally feel the burn.

And then after that, if I asked you to do another 20 reps, it would feel like you're on "The Bomb" portion of Hot Ones 🥵 That's our body breaking down. But Milton, I thought we train to get fitter?

We only train to give our body something to recover from. We get fitter when we build back up. Sleep, proper nutrition, and just the right amount of training is the difference between growth, or burnout.

😴 Personal Sleep Upgrade:

I've always looked for small ways to get better sleep. It started with a better mattress- I went with the Eve memory foam mattress. Then I installed blackout curtains, and finally (my favorite "hack,") turning the temperature down to 70 fahrenheit at bedtime.

It all started because I used to wake up early for work (430) while staying up late (11pm), so I wanted to maximize the sleep I did get. Nowadays I sleep earlier & wake up later to create about 8 hours.

The latest thing I started doing implementing for sleep is this CBD supplement- it has some melatonin, and magnesium in it as well. I was under the impression that we're still early in CBD research to find a concentrated commercial-dosage to make a difference. But I saw some top athletes start to use the supplement and thought I'd get some for Tiff and I to try. It's been a week and a half and we love it so far! I'll make a post about my experience on it, so stay tuned for that!

That's it for this week!

Hope you enjoyed this Weekly #3!