🌱 What To Do After A Missed Workout

Congratulations, you've experienced what every athlete & coach has done! To me, your first missed workout is a milestone. It shows that you've been on the journey long enough to experience resistance. It's resistance from life that pushes you away from your goals. If you haven't made the effort to get this far, you haven't made an effort, and I commend you for it. 🙏🏾

Here's what to do now:

Step 1: Own it, guilt-free

It’s a missed session, it’s no big deal. Own the fact that you missed the session, but be kind to yourself. Feeling negative over a missed session is worse than missing a day. Shrug it off 👌🏾

Step 2: Reflect

Ask yourself, what caused you to miss that workout? What can you do differently next time to prevent it? Maybe it was about planning? Got out of work late and had to make dinner? Hint- it’s not about being more motivated!

Step 3: Pivot

Move that workout to your next session. Create a framework to prevent yourself from getting there in the first place.

Got out of work late? Maybe earlier sessions or bringing workout clothes with you could help. Couldn’t get up early enough to train? Consider creating an earlier bedtime routine.

Tips for sticking to your workouts:

  • Never miss 2 training days in a row. Miss a day? Cool! Make it up the next day!
  • “Never miss a Monday” Not everyone starts their training day on a Monday, but the expression simply means don’t miss your first training day. Start the week strong to build momentum.
  • Do what you can- make the workout shorter if needed. Something is always better than nothing.

And at the end of the day, you’re a grown up and a missed session is no big deal. What’s important is pivoting and figuring out what needs to change.