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🌱 Training is a Skill

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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🌱 Training is a Skill
Photo by David Jones / Unsplash

When I coach, I often see clients having the fear of looking dumb or the fear of the training session itself. This leads them to self-guessing their movements, or inconsistent training sessions.

Here I talk about how training is a skill and by simply training, the process becomes easier, just like riding a bike.

Training is a skill.

Like any skill, it’s learned through repetition.
When starting out, you might feel anxiety towards your workouts.

“I have no clue if I’m doing this right.”
“This feels completely wrong”
“I’m lifting half the weight as other people 🥲”

That’s part of the process.

When you first rode a bike without training wheels, it was probably an intense and stressful moment. You’ve never done it before! Maybe a parent was running after you making sure you didn’t crash. And I bet you didn’t think about how you’d stop and get off the bike either, but you just did it.

Now, you probably don’t need a spotter to ride a bike. You don’t get the fear of riding it, either. You’re able to focus on things like where you’re going and looking around you.

Training is kind of like that.

It's Like Riding a Bike 🚲

You just jump in and learn as you go. You can’t read a book about riding a bike to learn. You learn by doing it.

Over time, you learn to move better. How to breathe. How to choose weights. Even learning things like how to train when you don’t feel like it.

Through training, you learn more about yourself. You learn that you love squats…but deadlifts? maybe not so much. Maybe you learn that you love conquering weights that felt challenging before. Or that there’s something gratifying about getting a sweat in.

Training is a skill. You can always improve.
It’ll never be perfect, but that’s okay.
It’s not perfection we’re after.
It’s the progress we need. 🌱

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