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🌱 The Rule That Creates Results

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
1 min read

Weekly #27 (10/18/21)

This rule is more important than the movements you do, and beats how hard you work. It’s the difference between a fitness program that brings results, and one you have to restart.

The most important rule in getting results…
Be consistent.

Every goal requires consistency:
- Building muscle?
- Losing body fat?
- Learning new skills?

It all starts with showing up.
Showing up to each session is the biggest thing you can do to get to your goal. Every goal is different, but every goal shares that one detail.

The Mistake

People often make the mistake of focusing on intensity first:

They worry about how hard they work.
What are the “best” workouts to do?
What’s the best brand of protein?

These are great things to optimize if you’re consistent first.
Because the only workouts that matter are the ones you show up to.

The “perfect” program gives less results than a random program that you stick with.

How to be consistent:

  1. Make it EASY, so easy that it takes more work to debate doing it in your head. Instead of a 60 Min workout twice a week, start with a 20 min workout, 4 times a week 👌🏾
  2. Plan it. Put a date, a time, and honor it.
  3. Do it as early as possible in your week, especially if you're dreading it! Less things will get in your way.

Consistency doesn’t define how well your session went, what workout you did, and how well you moved, but consistency makes it way easier to improve on those things.

I hope this sparked some inspiration to move today!
Have a great one! 🕺🏽

Until next week
- Milton

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