🌱 The Right Workouts Save You Time

🌱 The Right Workouts Save You Time

Meaningful fitness is about adaptation

The whole concept of training comes from adaptation. You do a workout that challenges your body, then you adapt. Training is all about that progression.

Different exercises, rep schemes, rest times, are tools used to create change:

  • Lower rest times can build endurance.
  • Heavier weights build strength.
  • Slower reps can improve technique
  • Higher reps paired with heavier weights can build muscle.

Choosing the right training styles ensure that your workouts move closer to your goal.

Getting to your goals faster

Getting to your goals without taking forever is all about choosing the right type + right amount of stimulus. Doing more effective exercises for your goal. Showing up with a plan saves you time.

Building strength and muscle?
Stick to a program that focuses on progressively heavier weights.

Improving mobility and training without pain?
Find out what's the limiting factor and build resilience in those positions.

Improving endurance and cardio?
Find a program that focuses on both high and low-intensity endurance training.

What's the change you're trying to make?

Because you improve what you train, you want to pick methods of training that lead to your goal. What are the changes you're trying to make? What are the things you need to do to get there?