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🌱 The Right Workouts Save You Time

Meaningful fitness is about adaptation The whole concept of training

🌱 Seasons of Push

Do you need a push or pull right now? In

🌱 On Testing Yourself

Dude what’s your bench? What’s your mile time?

🌱 Fitness pays dividends

Making fitness priority pays dividends in your mental and physical

🌱 What Training Split do I recommend?

On Training Splits A question I get asked often is

🌱 How to breathe during workouts

Breathing During Training When training, focusing on movement quality maximizes

🌱 Rest Days are Growth Days

Rest days lead to gains It's tempting to start your

🌱 Training during Travel

Should you workout on vacation? Long story short, it depends

🌱 A Better Way to Think of Injuries

When it comes to injury, it's common to think single

🌱 Supersets and Why to Use Them

When I first learned about supersets, I thought it was