🌱 Seasons of Push

Do you need a push or pull right now? In

Missed a workout?

Miss a workout? (or two?) No worries! Life happens, things

🌱 Fitness isn't just about shrinking

Fitness is often thought of as a way to lose

🌱 How to be consistent when it's tough

Getting to your fitness goals starts with consistency. That means

🌱 Self Love vs Growth

Self love versus growth. On the surface, these ideas seem

🌱 Habits That Bleed Through

My friend Jacob asked me if you can apply working

🌱 What To Do After A Missed Workout

Congratulations, you've experienced what every athlete & coach has done! To

🌱 How I Started Fitness

Weekly Newsletter (#12) 6/28/21 I had my 2nd

🌱 How To Lose Weight For Good This Time

🌱Growth Thoughts: If goals are destinations, habits are the pathways.