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🌱 Respecting Your Time

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem

💭 Coach thoughts

Ready to start working out?
Give your next session a specific time and day, and treat it like a doctor’s appointment. (or a brunch reservation that charges you if you’re late 👀.)
Fitness starts with simply showing up. Treat yo’self means respecting your own time.

📜 Recovery - A Haiku

Your morning routine
starts the night before.
Screens keep us awake.

🤘🏾What’s New

On a real note, I’ve been itching to start a consistent email newsletter to connect with you guys like pen-pals. We’ve got the ‘gram for pics/video, so this is like a new medium, which is nice.

Hope you enjoyed the first Weekly!

The Weekly

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I'm a fitness coach, but always learning. Cold brew drinker. Curator of corny dad jokes. Constantly looking towards the brighter side of things. ☀️


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