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🌱 Seasons of Push

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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🌱 Seasons of Push

Do you need a push or pull right now?

In the fitness game there are seasons. Sometimes you need to push yourself, and sometimes you need to pull back. Today’s about pushing yourself, but let’s approach it differently from just “trying harder.”

When you need to push yourself

Sometimes your training goals require you to move forward at a daunting pace. You might have to lift heavier than you’re used to. That’ll require you to squeeze muscles a little harder and you might sweat a little more.

It’s not just about weight. That 2 min rest you love? Maybe for this month we’re dropping it down to 1 minute. You might have to squat deeper this month because your goal is hip mobility. Progression comes in different forms.

All that work might feel tough. Tiring. Maybe you’ll lose motivation because it’s just overwhelming. But if doing the work leads you to your goal, the work is worth it.

The key to a good push

I believe the secret to pushing yourself is knowing that it’s supposed to be tough, and that it won’t be tough forever. In a balanced program, an intense month of training is usually followed by a less-intense month.

But today? It’s supposed to be uncomfortable. Pressure is okay. Your daunting goal is supposed to be challenging. Knowing that your feelings are completely valid is a life hack. It’s okay. 🧡

Then we push

Once you acknowledge the challenge, I invite you to welcome seasons of push with grit.

In a single arm plank where you lift one hand off the ground, the secret to the movement is to drive down with the grounded feet + hand. It’s common to focus on the lifting hand, but the more pressure we apply everywhere else, the task of lifting your hand gets easier.

Just like the single arm plank, put pressure where it’s needed. It won’t always be a push season, but for now we go all in on driving forward.

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