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Welcome to Building Blocks!

Thank you for purchasing Building Blocks I'm grateful you’re here! 🙏🏾 The goal of Building Blocks is to help you: * Build a fitness foundation built on strength. * Learn how to train sustainably. Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email invite to your content: 1. Your program is delivered via

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How to Choose Weights For Your Workouts (RPE Scale)

What weight should you use for your workout? It depends on the intent of the exercise or workout. Sometimes you’ll come across: * Light weight, more reps * Heavy weight, less reps * Moderate weight, moderate reps To find out the stimulus of an exercise, you'll see a number that specifies how

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Building Blocks Contents

Welcome to Building Blocks! Here is the supplemental content that'll teach you the tools you need to get the most out of your program! 01 | Welcome to Building Blocks 02 | Sustainable Fitness 03 | How to Plan & Prioritize Workouts 04 | How to Read Workouts (Sets, Reps, Tempo, Weights) 05 | Choosing Weights