🌱 Measuring Progress Pt. 2

When programming workouts, I look at previous weights, reps, and movements to make sure we're getting stronger, building endurance, and/or moving to your goals at the right pace.

Last week's weekly was more about progressive data "How to Know You're Progressing."

This week, I talk about the other not-so-concrete ways, but just-as-important ways of measuring your progress. While data is important, there are other intrinsic ways to know you're progressing.

You're staying consistent

You start with 3 workouts per week. It starts out as a grind. You look back and find that you've been training for 3 months straight! It may not have been on the exact same days of the week, but you made sure to keep the consistent 3s' across the board. 🏀

You're enjoying the process

While training may not be everyone's highlight of their day, learning to enjoy the process means you've found joy in the journey. It's a satisfying feeling that changes the game long-term.

You're getting the hang of movements

Learning a complex movement can mean getting out of your comfort zone. It can feel awkward. The first time trying Bulgarian Split Squats are a memorable experience, and at first it can be a balancing act. Then you start understanding the movement, you find balance, and you start getting the hang of them and how spicy they are on the legs 🥵

What's cool about these areas, are that when you improve in them, you'll probably be getting stronger, building endurance, along the way.

Hope you enjoyed this Weekly #47!