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On Programs & A Short Workout

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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Weekly Newsletter #5 (5/10/21)

🌱Growth thoughts

When working out towards a goal, a program is the key to getting there efficiently.

Doing random workouts will get you fitter. Movement is a good thing. But a well-designed workout program addresses specific goals, saving you time (and brainpower) in the process.

It’s kind of like sitting down with everything you need on the desk and a list of tasks to be completed, arranged in order of importance.

Rules for starting a new workout program:

  1. Start slow- it’s about the long game. Pace yourself on weight and reps. Move with quality,
  2. Make time- set exact dates and times for your workouts
  3. Plan to fail- What are 3 things that can go wrong? Write them down. Busy work schedule? Train after. Can’t do it after? Wake up a little earlier.
  4. Say NO- this pairs well with planning to fail. What’s something you need to say no to in order to ensure sticking to a plan? Saying NO to social media during a workout? Saying NO to wifi and yes to airplane mode? Eliminate distraction, it can wait.
  5. PIVOT - When things go wrong, (and they will) go back to where you left off and continue. No worries!

💧Making Time

If your day gets busy and life happens today, here’s a 8 Min full-body workout to do right before eating dinner, or just before you get into the shower.

Work at a sustainable pace for 8 Min:

4-6 Reps - Pushup Walkouts
6-9 Reps/side - Split Squats
20-30 Secs/side Bird-Dog Holds

Rinse and repeat for 8 min, with the intention of simply moving.

  • Think about getting your chest to the floor on the pushup walkouts.
  • Keep the weight on your base leg (front leg) on the split squats.
  • Focus on breathing on the bird-dogs.
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