🌱 No discomfort = No growth (#44)

When training, you need discomfort to make progress.
Your body adapts to the stimulus it gets.

To get stronger, you lift slightly heavier weights.
To grow muscle, you move muscles through higher levels of tension.
To build endurance, you push for slightly longer durations.

Either way, you need a push, and it won't be as comfortable as sleeping in on a Sunday AM and binge-watching Ozark. 😴

An important point

I want to emphasize that while discomfort is needed for growth, discomfort does NOT equal growth. We need the right stimulus in the right direction. This means choosing effective movements for the goal, using form that emphasizes the stimulus, and preserving the intent of the exercise. But when that's taken care of, we push!

A gentle nudge

How much discomfort do you need?
I describe the push as a gentle nudge.

When prescribing training, I shoot for the minimum effective dose I can give to create the stimulus a client needs. What's something that feels doable, but slightly challenging? Think a 6-8 out of 10. This is the feeling you want on most days.

You probably have heard you need to PUSH when working out. "Go hard or go home," or my favorite from the movie "I Love You, Man," "Give it Everything you got!"

There's plenty of motivational videos talking about how you need to give 110%. Instead, I invite you to just step into the realm of discomfort. Just a step, just a nudge.