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🌱If I restarted my fitness journey

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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Weekly Newsletter (#42)

The other day after helping a new client, I thought to myself… let’s say I magically forgot everything about fitness. What would I teach myself to get back to where I was (or even further) as fast as possible? That way, I could share that knowledge to better help people navigate their fitness journey.

If I had to restart my fitness journey, I would start by teaching myself concepts. The foundational ideas that explain the why’s and the how’s of training. That way, I’d learn how to fish vs buying a fish itself. Instead of doing random workouts and exercises, I’d learn how to get to my first goal of getting stronger. Or instead of missing out on workouts, I’d learn how to navigate motivation.

There’s a lot that goes on before even talking about specific exercises and technique.

Concepts I would teach myself:

  1. Start now, and learn as you go.
  2. The only thing that matters in the beginning is showing up. “The perfect” workout program won’t work without consistency.
  3. Treat training like a habit. Think brushing your teeth, versus creating a masterpiece. That way you’ll never need motivation.
  4. Understand the purpose of your workouts, so you know exactly when to push or pull back. Is it supposed to be a light or heavy day? Go hard? Or take it slow and steady? Figuring this out will help you preserve the workout stimulus and improve results.
  5. Training should get slightly more challenging over time. If everything is impossible, it’s probably not the right workout for you. If everything’s too easy, you’re not creating a strong-enough stimulus.
  6. Your body doesn’t know what weight or object it lifts. It only knows the stimulus it feels. Switch exercises or lighten the load if needed. You’re not “weak” for doing so. And on the other hand, add weight if it’s not enough. The stimulus is key.
  7. Not every workout should leave you dead on the floor.
  8. Injuries don’t normally start where you feel the pain. Back pain can start at the ankles, even wrist pain can start from the opposite arm. Assess the source problem before trying to “stretch” or “mobilize” everything.
  9. Film your training to check your form, but also to document the process for memories.​

If you were new to fitness, understanding these concepts would help you save time & frustration. If I told you that “not every workout should leave you dead on the floor,” you’d be less likely to overtrain or go too heavy.

What’s cool is that these concepts are simple. They’re universal regardless of your training goals, and they create a foundation you can build upon. Instead of throwing things at the wall and hoping things stick, you get something to guide you. And that’s great because efficiency, amirite?

Anyway, I hope these concepts resonated with you. 🙏🏾

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