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How to Upload Workout Videos to TrueCoach

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
1 min read
How to Upload Workout Videos to TrueCoach

Why it’s important

Uploading movement videos to TrueCoach allows your coach to give you technique feedback, make sure you’re moving safely, as well as document your progress.

Here are some uploading tips to making sure your experience is more seamless.

⚙️ Before you upload

  1. For iPhone users specifically, swap your camera settings from “high quality” to “most compatible.

    (Settings> Camera>Formats>Camera Capture> Most Compatible)
  2. On “Record Video,” change the setting from 4K to “1080p HD at 30fps”

📲 Uploading Workflow

  1. Hit the camera button & choose your video.
  2. The video will pop up on in the results area.
  3. Wait for the video to start a circular loading dial. (this is important)
  4. Stay on the app until it finishes the upload. (If you leave the app, it won’t work)
  5. Once the circular loading dial finishes, you’re good to go!

Tips for Uploading

✂️ Shorter videos are better.

200MB is the limit. TrueCoach says to keep the videos close to 1 Min for best results.

⚡️Fast internet is best.

During your workout, I recommend uploading during your rest period! That way you’ll be chilling while your video uploads.

📱Stay on the app

Once you input the video, stay in the app until the circular loading dial completes.

Resources from TrueCoach:

  1. Uploading a video to a workout
  2. Best practices for video-uploading

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