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How to Plan & Prioritize Workouts

When it comes to training, motivation is a tool you can use as an extra oomph, but it’s not reliable.

It comes and goes. If you wait until you get motivated to do something, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Instead of motivation, plan and prioritize your training to build consistency.

Make it Real

Choose a Date & Time

If it’s not in your calendar on a specific date & time, it’s less likely to happen. You can easily forget a doctor’s appointment. The same goes for workouts. Because they’re going on a calendar, you have to check your schedule to see if training can fit. Planning makes makes your training sessions concrete, and that makes it easier for training to be a pillar in your schedule.

If you’re training 3x per week, take a look at your week and block out some time so you know exactly when you’re training. I block out my time with the calendar app.

Planning Your Training Week:
Session 1: Monday at 6am (before work)
Session 2: Tuesday at 6am (before work)
Session 3: Thursday at 6pm (after work)

Other mantras that might resonate with you:

“Never miss a Monday” - Start with momentum by making sure to always make it to day 1.

“Never miss 2 sessions in a row" - Miss 1 workout? No worries! Plan for the next one, making sure not to miss 2 days in a row.

“Get it done as early” - Get it done as early as possible in in the day. There’s nothing magical about training first thing in the morning, but for some people it helps to finish high-priority tasks as early as possible.