🌱 Fitness isn't just about shrinking

🌱 Fitness isn't just about shrinking

Fitness is often thought of as a way to lose or gain weight. While there's nothing wrong with that, fitness is often seen as just that- a method of growing or shrinking, based on your goal.

Don't get me wrong. Maintaining a healthy body fat percentage is important. Having enough muscle mass is key to feeling better, especially as you age.

I'd like to invite you to another perspective of fitness. One that isn't reduced to gaining and losing weight.

How I view fitness

I view fitness with an emphasis on sustainability.
I want to stay healthy, look and feel great, without it taking away from having fun in life.

Become a person who moves often. Make fitness a pillar in your schedule. Train so you never need to prepare.

Start with strength

Start with strength because it forces you to be mindful of movement. Your joints and muscles get stronger. You adapt to the heavier loads you lift, giving you more freedom to move.

Conditioning second

Focus on conditioning second. By conditioning, I mean circuit training, HIIT training, cardio, and all the sweaty stuff in between. Conditioning helps you build endurance specifically. As a ratio, I think of 75% Strength training, 25% Conditioning work.

Have fun with it

Move in ways you enjoy! There's so many ways to train. Choose methods that lead to your goal, but enjoying what you do makes it easy to stick to.

As I coach with these concepts in mind, I'm seeing that a ton of people resonate with this type of training. Sustainable fitness that supports your life, not takes over it.

I hope that resonated with you!

Until next week,‌‌‌‌