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Cocktails and Training During the Holidays

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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On Training during the Holidays 🎄

This is the holiday season and you were probably busier. With last minute shopping, company parties, and Q4 meetings, maybe you didn't train as much as you could this month.

Maybe you felt "lazy." I like to frame it as you were busier. In these situations, something has to give. No biggie. With my clients, I think of Dec as a maintenance month. It's not a month of breaking records. So go through the motions. Try to get some movement in, but don't feel guilty if you take things a little easier.

How I Navigate Alcohol at Parties 🥃

I love delicious cocktails and delicious liquor, AND I love being able to function the day after. In the spirit of Christmas and New Years Eve parties...

Here's my protocol for navigating alcohol at parties (or any event)

  • Drink earlier. Day drinking is typically seen as "less healthy," but by having more time to digest, the less alcohol messes with the next day.
  • Keep a drink boundary. After 3 drinks, I'm probably heading towards 5 drinks soon. Because of that limit, I have a "budget" and mindfully choose drinks I'd actually enjoy.
  • Have water AND electrolytes between drinks. Electrolytes = salt. My favorite electrolyte supplement is LMNT (pronounced "element") but Liquid IV, gatorade, and pickle juice work too.

How I dodge social drinking pressure.

  • Drinking buddies want someone to drink with them. They don't necessarily care what you drink. (especially if they're hammered) So non-alcoholic beers and mocktails allow the social connection without the negative effects of alcohol.
  • Being handed a drink doesn't mean you have to drink it. "No, thank you." is a complete sentence.
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