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Welcome to Building Blocks!

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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Thank you for purchasing Building Blocks
I'm grateful you’re here! 🙏🏾

The goal of Building Blocks is to help you:

  • Build a fitness foundation built on strength.
  • Learn how to train sustainably.

Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email invite to your content:

1. Your program is delivered via the TrainHeroic app! Once you receive your invite, you’ll be prompted to make an account and go from there!

2. Your foundational modules include everything you need to get started with training.

To get the most value out of the program, go through these modules before you start training, and refer back as needed.

The Modules:

01 | Sustainable Fitness
02 | How to Plan & Prioritize Workouts
03 | How to Read Workouts (Sets, Reps, Tempo, Weights)
04 | How to Choose Weights for Your Workouts (RPE Scale)

How the program is structured

Building blocks is a series of 24 training sessions.
Each session is labeled as a “Practice.”

Each week is broken up into 3 Days/week, 8 Weeks total.
It’s designed to be sequential. If you miss a day, continue from where you left off.

Block 1: Accumulation

Weeks 1-4
Sessions 1-12

Block 1 is about accumulation. You’ll see higher rep ranges + low weight to get your body used to movement. The common theme here is 12 reps.
Prioritize learning technique here; you’ll be increasing weight towards block 2.

Block 2: Intensification

Weeks 5-8
Sessions 13-24

Block 2 (Weeks 5-8) is about intensity, aka lower reps, higher weight. The goal here is to push yourself on weight. While block 1 was focused on technique, block 2 is about building strength. The common theme here is 10 reps per set.

I hope that helps break down what's to come! Have fun with the program!

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