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🌱 Addition by Subtraction

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
1 min read
🌱 Addition by Subtraction

24 hours to play with

Life is busy AF. If you're like me, you've probably wished for days to have more than 24 hours. But it's real life and time is the most important resource.

Adding to new goals

With new goals, it's common to think about what you can add to make your plan more effective. You might ask, "what supplements should I start taking?" Or should I add in extra mobility or cardio days? Or an extra lifting day?"

It's also easy to fall into a trap thinking that you don't need to subtract anything. It's tempting to think you'll do everything you'll normally do, while adding in a new training plan. Training takes time, and so does the commute for those who workout at a gym.

What can you subtract?

Instead, what are you willing to give up, switch up, or postpone to get to your goals? These sacrifices add perspective, keeping things real. It forces you to ask yourself if the goal is worth sacrificing for, or is it just a wish.

Time hasn't changed since adding new goals. There are still only 24 hours in the day. So instead of adding to your day, think about what you can subtract to better move toward your goals.

Like the great Fred Astaire once sang, "Something's Gotta give."

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