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White Lotus - What We Believe In

🌱 Inspiring Growth

Whether you create for a living, run a business, or save lives, we believe better health leads to better work. We believe being fitter spreads to other aspects of life.

💧 Finding Balance

We believe balance is liquid. Work. Play. Relationships. Life is messy and "balance" isn't perfection. Balance is being able to choose what's important to us.

⛰ Do Your Thing

Be unapologetically you. Be yourself and proud. We believe growth comes from creating better versions of ourselves. While betterment is our goal, it starts from understanding ourselves.

Hi, I'm Milton.

I created White Lotus to inspire growth. If any of our workouts or content help improve your life, we've done our job. Welcome! 🙏🏾

My Story

Growing up, I was a chubby kid with a low self-esteem. My dad made me join sports teams but I didn’t have fun and was definitely the worst one on each team.
I also had to go to Tae Kwon Do after school and most weekends, which I also wasn’t a fan of because it took away from playing video games.

In middle school, I started to care about my image. So naturally, you guessed it- my goal was to get a six pack. I didn't know what I was doing, but I started doing sit-ups and pushups before bed while watching late night Comedy Central.

Starting as a coach

During high school years I became active with skateboarding, breaking (breakdance), and garage MMA sessions. Not only were they great workouts, but all of those hobbies required new skills I took years learning.
When I got to college, I started working out in the gym doing traditional bodybuilding workouts. Then I found CrossFit. A fitness program with a whole new world of skills? Count me in! This is where coaching all started.

The start of my journey was as simple. Help coworkers start training consistently. So I bought equipment, did a shit ton of research, got my Level 1, then people would come over for personal training.

I became a CrossFit Coach in 2013 while at the University of Central Florida studying Exercise Science. I decided that the cost didn’t equate to the value so I stopped when I got my Associates Degree.

Almost opening a gym

In late 2019, I decided to leave my job as a CrossFit coach to open a new gym concept with my fiancé, Tiffany. We spent the end of that year planning and building the concept. (We even flew to Colorado doing market research.) Back in Orlando, we were excited to finally sign the lease for our studio. But that week, Covid-19 made a monumental impact in our area. Gyms and studios closed down because of the mandatory quarantine. The entire gym industry shifted and we decided that we wanted to help people online, where we could help people from further away. So we pivoted and decided to make White Lotus a completely online company.

Other things

When I’m not coaching or training, you can find me playing guitar, listening to Lo-Fi hip hop or Electronic music mixes on Youtube, or finding an excuse to Taco Tuesday on a Monday. During all of those things, you can find me sitting to the left of my Fiancé, Tiffany. (Because I’m a lefty & she’s a righty and it’s easier to not bump arms that way)