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🌱 A New Way To Think of Goals

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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🌱 Growth thoughts

We want our goals to be epic.

I’m going to workout EVERY DAY for 30 DAYS.
I’m going to lose 30lbs before summer.
I’m going to GIVE UP X FOOD GROUP for 3 months.

But chances are you want to be fit for longer than a summer. Definitely longer than 30 days. If you’re here, you probably want to be fit for a lifetime.

With that said, fam, it doesn’t need to be that intense. It starts with simple.

Old Goal: Lose 30lbs by summer
New Goal: Workout 3 days a week, then maybe bump to 4 days later on.
Instead: I’m going to swap out that bag of chips (or cookie) I normally eat for lunch into a fruit.

Start with something you can easily do.
Build a habit. Then add more to it as you improve. Make it slightly more challenging. And then you look back in 90 days, and you feel like you didn’t change much, and that it wasn’t a crazy change.

Then you look back and realize you became the type person who didn’t need to lose weight in the first place.

🧘🏽 Recovery

People know me as a morning person. I enjoy waking up early with my cup of cold brew. I’m often asked about my morning routine, so they could figure out how to get up easier.

To that, I reply, “what’s your night-time routine?”

It’s where your morning starts. If you don’t sleep well, this is where you can improve it.

3 Tips for a better sleep:

  1. Lower your nighttime temperature. (studies show 68 is best, but I do 70 so my fiancé Tiffany doesn’t hate me 😅)
  2. Minimize your screens just before bed. DO NOT DISTURB MODE is the play here! People can wait until tomorrow for your replies.
  3. Turn down the lights. This goes alongside screens, but blue light makes our body think it’s time to stay up. (similar to what the sun does.)

Hope you enjoyed this Weekly #2!

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