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🌱 A Full-Body Strength Workout

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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A Full-Body Strength Workout

Today is a full-body dumbbell strength workout. It'll include a warmup, the workout details, and demo videos of the movements linked! It should take around 45 Min to complete.

Most movements call for 12 reps, with a moderate weight that should feel like a 6 out of 10 in difficulty. Some movements feel harder than others? No worries, choose a weight that feels like a 6 for that particular movement.

Things to Know:

What weight to use is noted as a "6RPE." (You can learn more about RPE here.) What's great about having a number rather than a fixed weight is that you get more flexibility on what weight to use.

Movement Prep

Part A

Movement Prep (Part A)

Here we're warming up with a movement prep sequence. While a traditional 5 min jog can raise your heart rate too, this prep will do that while getting your joints ready for the specific movements coming up.

A: Full-body Prep

10 Reverse Lunges (alternating)
10 Squat Thoracic Extensions (alternating)
10 Knee to Opposite Elbow Plank (alternating)
6/side Quadruped Hip Circles

Coach Notes:
- For alternating movements, right + left = 2 reps.
- Click the link above for a video of the warmup!

Strength 1

Part B

Strength (Part B)

Here we have 3 working sets of 12. Try 2 warmup sets of the squats (3-4 reps) to ensure we get to a weight that feel like a 6/10 intensity. (6RPE) Do 1 set of B1, rest, hit 1 set of B2, rest, and repeat 3 times!

B1: Goblet Squats

Tempo: 20X0
Load: @6RPE
Rest: 30 Secs

B2: Forearm Plank

3x25-35 Secs
Rest: 90 Secs

Strength 2

Part C

Strength (Part C)

This section contains 3 movements rather than 2. There's a short rest period between movements, followed by a longer rest between sets. Take advantage of the rest period to give your muscles a break in preparation for the next set.

C1: Seated Press (DB)

Load: 6RPE
Rest: 30 Secs

- Focus on keeping your elbows (and the DB) at a 45° angle.

C2: Bent-Over Row (DB)

Load: 6RPE
Rest: 30 Secs

- Focus on pulling your elbow back towards your hips

C3: Lateral Raises

Load: 6RPE
Rest: 90-120 Secs

- Keep your elbows & knees bent slightly. Focus on pulling your hands up and out. This movement is an isolation movement, so naturally this will be lighter than the other movements! Remember to stick to the load prescription (6RPE)!

And that's it! I hope you enjoy this workout! Let me know how it went via Instagram or email! ☺️

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