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🌱 3 Ways to Make Workouts Fun

Milton Holdiem
Milton Holdiem
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It's easier to stay consistent with workouts when you enjoy them. We do things we like often. It makes sense.

Whether you love going into your workouts or need a gentle nudge, here are 3 ways to make training funner.

1: Train Towards Your Goal

It's easier to show up to workouts that align with your goals. Find the right training program and stick to it. When you buy into the process, it feels great moving closer to your goal each session.

For me, I've been doing jiujitsu and I found out I suck at doing a movement called the side shrimp. So a lot of my core sessions have been designed to help me get stronger at the movement. That got me looking forward to core exercises. While I couldn't do 10 reps before, but now I'm able to 2-3x the amount more comfortably.

2: Do Movements You Enjoy

Find movements you enjoy doing. While you might come across some exercises you don't like, making sure you enjoy most of what you do makes it easier to stick to your program.

If you hate burpees with a passion, switch them out. Hate running? Try a rowing machine or airbike. There are no magic movements, so tons of other options could create the same stimulus for you.

3: Create a Training Ritual

Make training fun by creating rituals you look forward to. For me, creating a ritual means slipping on my airpods and putting on an upbeat mix. (usually electronic or hip hop music) Here's the last EDM set I listened to while training. If it's in the morning, I enjoy drinking a pregame cup of cold brew coffee or grabbing a celsius drink.

Other examples of creating a training ritual might mean:

  • Putting on a motivational video or soundtrack on the way to the gym
  • Changing into your favorite workout clothes
  • Opening your workout program and visualizing the session

These tips are small, but mighty. Add some fun to your sessions to make them more consistent 🤘🏾

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