5 Uncommon Reasons to Warmup

5 Uncommon Reasons to Warmup

It’s not that you can’t workout unless you warmup; you totally can, our bodies are resilient. But are you leaving growth on the table without warming up? Probably.

From the first 8 minutes of training, to your warmup sets before you start your first working sets, warming up can change the game 🔥

Here are 5 Uncommon Reasons to start your workout with a warmup!

1. Transition from being unmotivated to motivated

Great artists know that motivation comes DURING the work, not before.

In fitness, warmups are a great tool to transition between “not feeling like it” to “ok I got this.”

2. There’s always time for a warmup

On busy work-days you can always find at least 8 minutes. Get started with your warmup. Stop there? Guess what, you did more than nothing and that’s a WIN.

3. Use warmups for movement practice

Add movement patterns you have trouble with.
Trouble doing kettlebell swings? Warmup with some light kettlebell swing drills.

Find yourself unable to brace your core during squats? Use low squats in your warmup, or light pause squats to dial in your movement pattern.

4. Get more out of your sets

If you feel like you start getting the hang of it on your last couple of sets, you might have more room to warm-up.

Make set 1 your first working set vs making it a warmup

If your workout is 4x8 Goblet Squats

That first set should already feel around the 6-7 difficulty range.

If that first set is your first actual set doing goblet squats that session, chances are you’ll only start to feel comfortable with the movement on set 3 or 4. That means you’re only actually doing 2 of the 4 prescribed sets. Multiply that times your entire workout program and you’re leaving gains on the table.

5. Prep your joints for movement

Prime your joints for buttery-smooth movement and possibly reduce injury in the process. While injury is impossible to prevent, it’s possible to reduce your risk by allowing yourself to taper into heavier loads.

With intentional warmups, you improve your performance by getting more out of our sets as I mentioned before, but also keep us training longer over time by reducing times of injury.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy warming up!